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To start my new series, The Supernaturals:
A man from a rich family, Sean Chase once was a spoiled little boy until his parents died. He continued his father’s work of physics, trying to come up with a time machine. when he was 19, he got it to work, but only for a brief moment of time. He knew this was his chance to go back to save his family, so he tried to get it to work again, but failed. On the night of September 16, exactly 1: 37 a.m. in the morning, he tried to do an experiment on trying to make a wearable time machine. Then at exactly 1:42 a.m. there was a bright flash of light. then he looked at the clock, and he was surprised to see it set at 1:37 a.m. exactly 5 minutes before. He knew he succeeded. He knew he would make his father proud. Then, he twirled the belt time machine’s clock 4 times, and a quick flash of light sent him back to September 14. He turned the belt’s clock 4 times clockwise, and a quick flash of light, he saw on the clock: September 16, 1:37 a.m. This was big, but he knew it would take him weeks to turn the clock 7 years before. Then he created a wrist version of this. Then his discovery was known to many. 3 days after successfully creating the first time machine, he vowed to use his creation for good. He was quickly known as The Timewalker.