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Name: Chris Edwardson
ALIAS: Deathknight
TEAM: Warriors of Chaos
A young man, Chris’ whole family was killed due to an impossible series of events; first a thunderstorm, then the earth under cracked, then a tornado. Being a top A student in History class, he knew this had only one meaning. Now he lives with his sister, who barely escaped the tragedy when Chris was only 8. Until one day, 19-year old Kate Edwardson was sent to the Emergency Room. Chris heard of this and immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors told him she was shot in the head. He then stayed outside the room, but the doctor told him his sister was no more.

Then, he thought of the incident when he was still eight. But he heard something, like a whispering in his head. Could it be his sister? no, it was something… darker. Then a fiery, red figure appeared in front of him. He saw it transform into a man with a flaming head and red wings. One thing came into his mind; Hellsburn.

Hellsburn offered him a deal: Chaos would give him back his family. In return, he would become a DeathKinght, leader of the undead. He agreed, then he was in the armor of one of the most feared evil.