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Name : Unknown
Official Title : The First Queen Of Darkness
Age : Estimate – Over 100 Years Old
Occupation : Unknown
Affiliation : Unknown
Powers : Darkness or shadow manipulation, Power augmentation, Power bestowal, Power mimicry or absorption, Power sensing, Healing herself and others, Superhuman endurance, Ecological empathy, Matter Ingestion, Omni-linguism, Animation, Immortality, Reality warping, Resurrect others, Summoning, Dark Teleportation.
Bio : The Queen of Darkness was born into a Royal family in a peaceful world that existed a long time ago, she grew up with her twin sister The First Queen Of Light unbeknown to them that they would become Earths most powerful and influential people.
The twins grew up in a neutral world where it was no Evil and there was No good it was just simply neutral but unknown to them they would grow up and become the destroyers of there world as the prophecy foretold . The Prophecy foretold the twins would grow up neutral until there powers manifested and one would become dark, the other light and it would rip there world apart. there prophecy also foretold that there powers will pass down to different hosts until the end of time as neither have died and have lived for a long time it is yet for there powers to be passed down. After the Prophecy happened a long time had passed The Queen Of Darkness Is hiding from The Queen of Light planning to bring together her own team of super humans and like a lot off Evil characters TAKE OVER THE WORLD !!