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The King and Queen Of Tamaran

Name : Tabitha
Official Title : Queen Tabitha Of Tamaran
Age : 42
Occupation : Queen Of Tamaran
Powers : Energy Bolts (From Hands and Eyes), Superhuman Strength, Flight
Bio : Tabitha is Queen Of Tamaran and mother to Tara, Tiama and Tarlock III she was not born into the royal family but married then prince now King Tarlock II, they became King and Queen when she was 19 meaning she has been Queen Of Tamaran for 23 years. When the Queen and King discovered Earth Tabitha was the one who suggested they send there daughters to the planet to bring peace and order.
Fact : Queen Tabitha is seen as the most loved Queen that has ever ruled over Tamaran.


Name : Tarlock II
Official Name : King Tarlock II Of Tamaran
Age : 44
Occupation : King Of Tamaran
Powers : Energy Bolts (From Hands and Eyes), Superhuman Strength, Flight
Bio : Tarlock II is the King Of Tamaran and was born into the royal family, his mother Queen Theresa and Father King Tarlock I had 2 children Tarlock II being the oldest and Toro the youngest sadly Toro died in battle at the age of 17 by and unknown species in the Fight for Tamaran, the unkown species once live on Tamaran but where wiped out by Tarlock II and his father after the death of Toro. Tarlock II became king at the age of 21 two years after the war when is father died of an illness.
Fact : King Tarlock II is seen as one of the most powerful kings ever to rule on Tamaran. Tarlock II had a very close relationship with his daughter Tara but has not seen or herd from her seen she vanished at the age of 11, he has been to Earth many of times to search for her.