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Name : Tara
Official Title : Princess Tara Of Tamaran
Age : 25
Occupation : Princess
Affiliation : The Queen Of Darkness
Powers : Energy Bolts (From Hands and Eyes), Superhuman Strength, Flight
Bio : Tara is a Princess of the planet Tamaran and second in line to the thrown. She came to earth after her planet discovered Earth and found there was other human life. She was sent to Earth with her sister Tiama, as an alliance between the two planets, Tiama’s parents wanted there two daughters to join the group to help protect Earth. Tara and her sister joined the group of young super humans know back then as the Power Project but at the age of 11 she ran away with another member of the group and looked for guidance from The First Queen Of Darkness, the queen in a fragile state accepted the two youngster and they have been with the Queen ever since that day.
Fact : When Tara ran away she broke her contract with the American Government and her home planted and because of this she is a wanted criminal on Earth and Tamaran.

Tara on the top is what she would look like on her home planet, on the bottom is what she looks like now.