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Name : Mia
Age : 23
Occupation : Leader Of The Five Powers
Affiliation : The Five Powers, The Queen Of Light
Powers : Fire and heat manipulation and also able to produce fire and withstand its heat.
Bio : Mia and her sister where orphaned at a very young age when there parents died, took in by the American Government at the age of 3 her sister 5. The American Government took in the young children because of Mia’s ability to control fire and her sister Margo could control electricity, they where put into a group with Five other children making seven superhuman children. The American Government along with the First Queen Of Light raised and trained the children so that one day they could protect the world from extreme danger. They would later become known as The Five Powers or just The Powers they went from seven to five because Margo, Mia’s sister went missing at the age of 11 with another member of the group witch is a violation to there contract with the American Government which makes them wanted criminals.(the American Government have yet to find where they are to this day)
Fact : Mia at the age of 16 got pregnant at the same time as another member in the group and she gave birth to a daughter, as this violated the contract she had with the American Government the baby was took of her and she has never seen her again.

Name : Isobel
Age : 23
Occupation : Member of The Five Powers also Second in command
Affiliation : The Five Powers, The Queen Of Light
Powers : Telekinesis, Telepathy (Isobel is known to be one of the most powerful psychics on Earth, it is not know if Isobel’s powers have developed fully yet)
Bio : There is not much know about Isobel and where she comes from we know her parents died when she was young like most of the group. She dose not talk much about her past and dose not talk much about her emotions she is a strong leader when she is needed and also one of the most powerful members of the group.
Fact : She Like Mia had a child at the age of 16 it is a boy and like Mia’s daughter he was took away from her.( Mia’s daughter and Isobel’s son where born on the same day, both the fathers who where not superhuman died suddenly the day they where born)

Name : Tiama
Official Title : Princess Tiama Of Tamaran
Age : 22
Occupation : Member of The Five Powers, Princess
Affiliation : The Planet Tamaran, The Five Powers, The Queen Of Light
Powers : Energy Bolts (From Hands and Eyes), Superhuman Strength, Flight
Bio : Tiama is a princess of the Planet Tamaran and is third in line to the throne she came to earth after her planet discovered Earth and found there was other human life. She was sent to Earth with her sister Tara as an alliance between the two planets, Tiama’s parents wanted there two daughters to join the group to help protect Earth. Tara is the other member of the group who went missing with Mia’s sister Margo at the age of 11, she is still a missing and wanted criminal around the world and on Tamaran.
Fact : Tiama’s home planet is much more advanced than Earth and that is how she and her sister was able to get the Earth.

Name : Keira
Age : 23
Occupation : Member of The Five Powers
Affiliation : The Five Powers, The Queen Of Light
Powers : Teleportation
Bio : Keira like most of the others was a orphan and knows nothing about her parents she was the last member to join the group of young children she was 7 when she first got put into the group this has often left Keira feeling not part of the group when she was growing up. She was the last to join because she was the hardest to find she was born in England and Orphaned at the age of 1 at the age of 5 she discovers her powers and Teleported away from the orphanage before the American Government could find her she teleported round the world providing for herself till The Queen Of Light Tracked her down and brought her to the group.(because keira provided for herself at a young age and teleported around the world it has been suggested she is much more smarter than the average person)
Fact : Keira felt more like she fitted in the group after the sudden departure of Margo and Tara. She has is well experienced in weapons and tends to yous wepons most of the time when in battle.

Name : Aimee
Age : 22
Occupation : Member of The Five Powers
Affiliation : The Five Powers, The Queen Of Light
Powers : Shape-shifting
Bio : you could call Aimee the first member of The Power Of Five as her father was one of the people who made this project happen for the American Government( Aimee’s Father died just after the group was brought together, she dose not know her mother) Aimee Is Considered the baby of the group and she dose most of the undercover work in The Five Powers with Keira she is a bubbly character and has the most control over her power than anyone else in the group.
Fact : Aimee has amazing control over her powers at such a young age she can shape-shift her whole body but can manipulate different parts E.g she can turn her arms into blades to fight with.