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Name : Unknown
Official Title : The Second Queen Of Darkness, First Queen Of The New World
Occupation : Queen Of The New World
Affiliation : The Dark Ones
Powers : Darkness or shadow manipulation, Power augmentation, Power bestowal, Power mimicry or absorption, Power sensing, Healing herself and others, Superhuman endurance, Ecological empathy, Matter Ingestion, Omni-linguism, Animation, Immortality, Reality warping, Resurrect others, Summoning, Dark Teleportation.
Bio : The Second Queen Of Darkness, Became the first Queen Of the New World when The First Queen Of Darkness took over the world which lead up the the grate war between Light & Dark where the queens of light and dark died passing on there souls to the next. When The Second Queen Of Dankness inherited the firsts darkness Soul she became the First Queen of the New World this is why in her picture there is a world with a crown over it. The Second Queen Of Light and The Five Powers have not been seen since the War.
Fact : The Second Queen Of Darkness Is the Daughter of Grace and granddaughter of Mia from the five powers.
Picture Info : The Blue Comets are a in memory of the Queens Mother Grace also the dark lioness and snake is in memory of the first Queen Of Darkness. The Sword The Queen hold is the sword The First Queen Of Dankness used to kill the First Queen Of Light

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