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I forgot about this site for a long while, but it popped back into my head recently and so I thought I’d post a character design I did a while back, but never posted. The title is ‘Black Hollow and her Keeper.’ I wanted to use the claw-like hands in particular for a character and this was the design I came up with.

EDIT: In an effort to make this more of a character and less a display piece, I’ve decided to expand on who Black Hollow is exactly.

Despite her dark and somewhat intimidating appearance, Black Hollow is actually counted among the heroes. Lacking a voice or a true soul, she is given direction and purpose by the Keeper, a cloaked being who serves as her voice and handler when needed. It’s not entirely clear where she’s from and many believe she may be an artificial being created by some form of magic. The Keeper claims he did not create her, raising the question of who or what did. Hollow has no true emotions, though she will often reflect the emotions she sees in others in an attempt to belong. However, she lacks a sense of remorse or mercy as well, and has killed several criminals without hesitation. She has an odd habit of watching people who are depressed as well, and most often seems to have a saddened look on her face.