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Two entries for this week, Herr D and NHA247~ this was like comparing apples to airplanes! That being said I wanted to declare Herr’s the winner, because it told the STORY so well, BUT WHEN I went back to my instructions and looked at what I had written, NHA’s became to good to deny!

NHA- You will this round, I will be entering you for Hero of the month for Feb. (as they run from the 15th through the 15th)
If you want you can pm the link for me to post there when the time comes, or I can do a screen grab t that time!
Contest # 2 As we have now entered the time of Carnivale (I always thought the whole thing was called mardi gras, nope, Just the LAST DAY) this contest is an easy one, Show me you Carnivale Costume- and bare in mind this party has a different TONE than Halloween!
My Example 1