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Herr D

[looks to see if wife is watching, opens marsupial-like pouch on blue tentacle] Yeah, okay. Out past G47, there’s this way station? They have a low-gravity cabaret I found a few years before I met my wife. The locals are all about what translates to ‘tickle pop,’ not your usual kind of music. The star of the place is quite easy on the eyes, ears, etc. They never have a shortage of backstage Thimbacas! She’s on the secretive side–none of the locals know where she hails from, and she claims it goes against her upbringing to share her true name or let even her lovers know how many hands she has. (More than six!) She smudged her message to me as she switched pens . . . [fumbles out old picture]

. . . she was in kind of a hurry to make the next show. I promised I’d never forget her. [stuffs pic back in pouch]