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Herr D

**Artist’s note: scaling by math for perspective in percentages is harder than it looks.

Professor Hirminez had this idea. Time travel should be impossible, right? Because entire objects couldn’t stay intact at photon speed.
But photons don’t need to travel at a different speed to reflect different colors. So, what you need is the equivalent of a Farraday cage made of photons, tune in your holographic imager to the right frequency, and you’ll get a refracted image of the future. Because the same photons are in both places at both times, right? Just a matter of calculating the exact coincidental photonic multinomial equation and allowing for gravitational resistance.
Some of the longest-running equipment with patterned electronics, patterned heat, and dense metals with less radioactivity that stays? Well, except for nickel and copper, that would be the U.S. Mint. Factoring in nickel and copper as the major variants, since just those two metals come in and out of the building in sufficient bulk, and all other materials repeat their near-exact substance–

Well, at least he should get a clear view of a distant-future dead President of the United States, right? It would be right on the engraving plates! And maybe he’d find out whether they ever solved the blue ink consistency problem.
The Professor has just quit. He typed up his two-word resignation and headed straight for the nearest bar.