Re: Kaylin’s Tutorials



OK, new tutorial. As requested by djuby, a tutorial on how to dress the 3/4 male torso. This tutorial assumes you’re completely new to masking and have no idea how to do it, so if that doesn’t apply to you, please don’t be offended if you feel you’re being treated like an idiot.
To start with, this is the body we’re dressing, coloured the way I want it.
Now choose the top you want on it. I’ll use the same example as MDM.
Colour the top and move it out of the way. Now get a square Insignia and resize it so it covers half of the torso. The line should be over the middle of the chest – this is usually slightly slanted, so you’ll need to rotate the insignia about 2 degrees.
It’s easier if you make the insignia transparent except for the lines. Place another one on the other side and line them up. You might need to make this one bigger.
Move the top into position (line up the middle with the lines of the insignias) and resize it so one side (I’ve started with the left) fits. You might need to move the insignias a bit so they completely enclose the top.
Make sure you have the top selected. Now click the Mask button on the Transform tab, and then click the insignia on the left (or whichever side the top is sized to fit). You should now see that half the top disappears.
What has happened is that you have masked the top to the insignia. This means that only the parts of the top which are inside the insignia are visible. You can move it around if it’s not quite in the right position.
Now make a second top. You will notice that this one isn’t masked – yet. Resize it so it fits the other side of the body, and mask it to the other insignia. Make the final adjustments so the top looks right, and then you can make the insignias completely transparent and send them to the back out of the way.
I’ve left them in here, but if I was using this for a real character, this is the stage where I would get them out of the way so I could work on the arms.

There you go! Finished!