Re: Kaylin’s Tutorials



Okay…going back to just screenshots, here’s a tutorial for a way to dress the female 3/4 turned torso.

Start with the torso itself, and if you want you can add breasts. There are some already on the torso, but I personally don’t like the way they look, so I cover them up like this:
Obviously for your character the rest of the body will be there as well. Colour the body items with whatever skin colours you want.
Next, you need these two items from Tops – Female Bustiers, coloured the same as each other.
Add two square Insignias next to each other, lined up so they meet right at the centre of the breasts:
Position the tops as shown, and mask them to the insignias:
Add another square insignia, resize it, colour it, and mask it to the torso beneath the tops, to cover up the strange way they join.
If you want it to look really good, you can mask a second torso to that insignia, and colour it to match the tops.
You might need to tweak the positions of the items a bit, but that’s how you do it. When you’re done, send the two squares to the back and make them transparent or something. Done!