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SuperHero: Pendragon



Jonathan Arthur Pennington III is a wealthy finance broker whom after a brief vacation in Great Britain had his life changed forever. While on Vacation Pennington paid a visit to the Glastonbury Abbey and while there mysteriously fell ill. After a visit to a local hospital and finding nothing seriously wrong, Pennington return to his hotel to rest figuring he had simply come down with a cold or some such. Falling into a deep sleep, strange dreams haunted him, images of battles, both ancient and what he would assume to be in the future, dreams that deeply disturbed him. Unable to awake from these nightmarish dreams, Pennington eventual fond himself deep within some cavern or cave which contained a vast underground lake and which was lit by the flickering light of many smoking torches. 

As Pennington stood looking out across the dark waters of the Lake he notice a bright light shining from its depths. Slowly that light made its way closer and closer to the surface of the lake, and as it emerged it resolved itself into the form one of the most beautiful women Penninton had ever laid eyes on. Transparent in form, and surrounded by a nimbus of bright blue light as she stood upon the waters surface. Lifting slender arms and pointing towards the rear of the cavern, to the deepest shadows, Pennington would hears the words “Look There” though the womans lips did not move. Reluctant to take his eyes from the woman, but unable to resist her command he would turn and glance into the deeper shadows at the rear of the cave, and as he did so more torches would flare to life. 

In the light of the new torches a long alter is revealed and upon it lays the body of a man in archaic armor. A large silver placard above the alter baring the words “Hic jacet sepultus inclitus, rex Arthurus in insula Avalonia” As Pennington stares in wonder he once more hears the womans words in his mind. “It is not yet time for the King to return to the world of man, yet as Chaos continue to reign over this world, it has been decided that a protector need be named until he does return to set matters in proper order. Long have I searched for one to take on this mantle of protector, and now I have found you. Jonathan Arthur Penninton you are a Descendant of the Line of the King, and what more you are what you mortals call a Mutant though your powers have not yet awaken, and may have never done so without .. Assistance. These two traits along with the kindness, compassion, and honor of your heart make you worthy of our power. 

The woman glides across the surface of the lake to the very edge of the water and regards Pennington a moment before continuing. “ I am known as The Lady Of The Lake, and I ask you accept our request, take on the Mantle of thePendragon and help protect this world and keep it whole until the King awakens and once more walks the mortal realm. If you accept we will awaken your powers and enhance them with our own.” Stunned but extremely honored by the request, and finding himself not wishing to disappoint this ethereal creature before him, Pennington quickly moves to stand before his and on impulse kneels as if a Knight before his queen. “I accept your offer.” is all he says.

Suddenly Pennington find himself awakening from his dream, but he is no longer in his room, but instead he finds he is standing before the Glastonbury Addey in his hands he weilds a pair of great swords with the runic inscription order, on one, and Justice on the Other. Further he notes he is dressed in leather and plate armor the helm of which resembling the head of a dragon, and a pair of great metallic wings upon his back. Moving to the abbey Pennington catches sight of himself in the reflection off the ancient glass of the Abbey, seeing his glowing yellow eyes, the Britannic appearance of his costume/Armor and is stunned into silence as he studies himself. As he overcomes his shock the voice of the Lady of The Lake is heard in his head once more. “ You bare the mantle of The Pendragon, and as such are the herald and Champion of The Great King Arthur, Go you into the World and once more bring forth the ideas of the Table Round.” Thus is Born the Pendragon, what his powers are, what his fate may be, and how he will affect the world ? Those are tales for another time.