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MartianBlue said:

I may do that, I’m just curious as to what type of a setting they may find themselves in. Also, another one I really like of yours is Luranna Mejeer Aka The Succusbus.

Luranna is from the Rifts RPG from Palladium Book. Rifts is a Post Apocalyptic world create after a Nuclear exchange causes massive amounts of deaths releasing the inherent magical energy in all living things. That Massive amount of magic feed into the environment re-energized the mostly dormant leylines of the earth super charging them, which in turn causes them to flare to life and ripping hole in time and space aka Rifts. The game timeline is several hundred years after the comings of the Rifts, Human has just crawled its way back out of the dark ages, rediscovering old tech as well as inventing new tech, the world is still super charged with Magic, the Ley lines still   open rifts  from time to time and the world is teaming with Monsters, Supernatural creatures, as well as high technology, Giant Robots, etc. 


Luranna is an Elven City Rat ( ) who was born with Super Powers, and runs a small gang of street toughs. Luranna while running some some enemies managed to fall through a Rift landing on Heroes Unlimited Earth ( also a Game from Palladium book, which is Modern day earth with SuperHeroes and Villains ) where she was recruited by a black ops superhero team called “Strike Force” and took on the code name Succubus. Eventually with the Help of other members of Strike Force and some Mystics she was able to open a Rift back to Rifts Earth and returned home.  Brittney and Mea Mejeer are her daughters born after she returned to rifts and have her Powers. 


Her Powers:

Extraordinary Physical Endurance

Extraordinary Physical Prowess

Flight Winged

Alter Facial Feature and Physical Stature ( A Form of Shape Shifting ) 


Disruptive Touch ( Her touch disrupts the nervous system of the one it is used on ) 


Brittney has the Additional Power of Mechano-Link ( allows her to mentally merge with and control machines she touch including computers ) 


and Mea has the Additional power of Pause Temporal Flow ( which gives her limited control over time )