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Fantasy: Solaria Debis

Name: Solaria Debis
Aliases: The Red Ranger, Solaria The Red
Race: High Elf, Sylvan Elf Heritage
Powers and Abilities: Skilled Ranger, Expert Archer, Minor arcane abilities due to her affinity with nature, and an expert on native poisonous plants in her native area.

BIO: Solaria became a Ranger after becoming the sole survivor of an Orcish invasion into the Elf wood resulting in the destruction and slaughter of her village. Found by one of the Elf Kings Rangers Solaris begged for training in the woodly arts and once her training was complete took up her one woman war on all Orcs where ever she can find them. Solaria dresses in red as a symbol of her never ending blood oath to rid the world of all Orc which has earned her nicknames of The Red Ranger as well as Solaria The Red.