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Very Nice!!!, The only thing I would change is the ears, she is a Half Elf so should have pointy ears.

Taleen is the Daughter of Talen Darkhope, a Famous Bard in the world she is from ( Ulear, a AD&D world created by a buddy of mine ) Somewhat taking after her farther’s line of work she became a Jester. She has adopted a child like persona which she shows most of the world, especially while performing, but is in reality a very smart and clear lady who can and will make her living as a pick pocket if need be. She eventually met and fell in love with Draven Dakar who himself was a blade bard and warrior, making his living entertaining the masses with displays of fancy blade work sword swallowing, and dagger throwing. After Adventuring together for a time, and experiencing both good times and bad the two got married, settled down and opened there own inn called the Black Rose Inn and started there own family.