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Say hello to Captain Punch, everyone. He may look generic … yeah, he’s pretty generic. But that’s the whole point!

Captain Punch

Short Bio:

Name: Richard Walker
Alias: Captain Punch
Gender: Male
Powers: Super strength, flying, some knowledge in hand-to-hand combat
Captain Punch used to work for an obscure group of superhero youth when he was younger as an extra, due to joining late. During his work there, he’d often find himself staying at headquarters monitoring everything. So, to occupy himself, he’d make fruit punch and set up snacks in the main hall in case his teammates needed refreshments. It was appreciated, but it earned him the nickname of Captain Punch, as he was very proud of his “secret” punch recipe. Don’t be fooled, though … if he gets mad he really does pack a punch!

Later on when he got older, Richard separated from his youth group to start a group of his own (his former teammates admit to missing him and his fruit punch), and while traveling, he met Kadrelun and Arane. It’s not official, but the three have managed to form some sort of alliance.