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@djuby said:

Very cool. If you are missing entering contests, I would be more than happy to take over the character design contest every now and then. Would need a hand figuring out the poll feature, because I’m a bit thick when it comes to stuff like that. Or I could just pull a Jeff and announce a winner.

Thanks. I’m not missing entering contests all that much, I didn’t enter them that often, I just liked seeing everyone else’s awesome work. But if you wanted I could let you guest judge a few (I’m sure a few people would have liked you to have guest judged this weeks contest Wink ). Anyway, I’d never have been able to enter that into the contest, it took me a couple of days of trial and error before I got the right inspiration for the costume and then another half a day meticulously going through your gallery looking at costume and hair ideas and building the thing and then another half a day looking at Trekkies gallery and shading it. By that time the contest was over.

@AP- Thanks (although I don’t know how you say muack, not even sure what a muack is).