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Thanks Vampyrist. Doing the background flame effect on warp was a bit annoying but well worth it I think, she’s my favourite out of the bunch.

Now onto something different.

A digital creation come to life, Sapphire was the product of a successful experiment with artificial intelligence. A purely digital being, Sapphire lived in the network of the laboratory that created him and learned of the real world, dreaming of one day going there. After an accident in the laboratory he realised in the real world. He based his appearance on an amalgamation of numerous video game, animation and comics characters. His body is made of digital data, so he is very hard to harm with conventional weapons and he can absorb power from nearby digital devices. The cannon on his right hand fires a stream of compressed data, which interrupts the bodies electrical signals.

An A.I computing expert who was working on the program that created Sapphire. During Sapphire’s emergence into the real world, he was drawn into the computer network and assimilated, emerging as a pure digital being. Driven mad by the realisation that he would never again be able to have a normal life, he swore vengeance on Sapphire. His accident gave him the ability to absorb surrounding digital energy as well as to control and travel through any digital device.

A computer engineer who developed a physical version of a computer’s Anti-Virus software after Sapphire emerged into the real world. Motivated by hatred after her boyfriend disappeared during the emergence, she created a weaponised body suit installed with her Anti-Virus hardware and set her sights on the digital hero.
Vector: A digital being that was born from a malignant program. Unlike Sapphire, Vector can only exist in digital space. However, he is able to hack and control any digital device, meaning he can control real world objects from the digital domain.

Scourge: Created in response to Sapphires emergence into the real world, Scourge acts like a computer fire wall, stopping other digital beings from emerging. He needs to be controlled by a human, so he is only as smart as his controller.

Trojan: A computer virus created by the worlds greatest hacker, who became self aware and realised into the real world. He has the unique ability to be able to control other digital life-forms by touch, over-riding their core program and slowly draining their run time.