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Numerous Random Characters

Set 1- Question and Answer, God Man, Mr Mass
Question and Answer- A secretive detective duo who deal with the seedier side of crime fighting. They are known for their brutal methods of extracting information from suspects and their ring of unwilling informants. You know you are in trouble if Question opens his briefcase.

God Man- An eminent physicist working on an experiment to find the Higgs-Boson particle, who was caught in an accidental explosion in the Large Hadron Collider. However, instead of killing him and possibly wiping out the earth, all of the energy was absorbed into the scientists body, giving him omnipotent powers close to those of a theoretical god. Due to these powers, he became very cold and distant, unable to relate to normal humans and knowing that if he ever did become attached to anyone, his actions could lead to the destruction of the universe.

Mr. Mass- A scientist studying sub-atomic and nano technology. Injecting himself with experimental nanites, he became able to control his density and size, able to grow to the size and weight of a skyscraper or shrink to the size of an electron.

Set 2- Animal, Cane, Wyvern
Animal: In the tradition of Tarzan and Ka-Zar, Zachary Pearson was lost in the jungle as a baby and raised by wild animals. However, years later, his mutate powers started to surface, as he was discovered by a group of scientific researchers and taken back to civilisation to be studied. The question is, how will Animal take to the human world.

Cane: Enigmatic and mute, Cane is a powerful magical practitioner, using sign language to perform his incantations and tricks. Beware though, because it isn’t just ribbons that can fly from the end of his legendary cane.

Wyvern: Once a respected zoologist, Cassandra Combs fell from favour due to some of her more ‘far out’ theories about mythological creatures having actually existed. However, on a journey to Greece, hunting Chimeras, she came across a dying Wyvern. The Wyvern, sensing Cassandra’s good heart, bestowed upon her it’s power, transforming her into the high flying, fire breathing super heroine Wyvern.

Set 3- Ghost, Warp, Ionic Man
Ghost: Two spirits in one body, two friends were accidentally cursed after messing with occult powers. One friend disappeared and his spirit inhabited the others body, co-exsiting within the same body. However, the disembodied spirit is able to leave his hosts body for short periods of time and inhabit others. They used this to their advantage when the bank they worked at was held up by a gang. Now they use their power to aid other heroes, gathering intelligence and aiding them in fights.

Warp: Born many centuries into the future, Ilaria Carroll was a celebrated test pilot for the United Galactic Spacefighter Squadron. However, when one of the prototypes she was test flying malfunctioned and spiralled into a warp star, she was believed dead. This was not the case though. They power of the collision had created a wormhole, compressing Ilaira and the warp star into a singularity and forcing them back in time. Amazingly, Ilaria survived and discovered she had been bonded with the warp star, giving her incredible abilities, such as matter manipulation and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space indefinitely. Finding her way to Earth she discovered the magnitude of her predicament when the stress of time travel caused her to explode in downtown Metro City, killing hundreds of people. She now has to adjust to life in the past and keep her emotions under control, for fear of hurting any innocents.

Ionic Man: A brilliant physicist, Marcus Hawkins was employed on a top secret project creating a new kind of radiation weapon. When an industrial spy sabotaged the weapon, Hawkins was trapped in the laboratory alone, locked in by the security system. When the radiation flooded the room, his body was mutated, allowing him to channel any kind of radiation through his body and see in inferred and with x-ray vision. However, the radiation also affected his mind, driving him insane.

Set 4- The Traveller, Hyper-Girl, Theodric The Wise
The Traveller- A mystic who uses a device called a Time Turner to travel backwards and forwards in time. It is unknown what era he originated from but it appears that his constant time travelling has had an effect on him. Due to exposure to the fabric of time and space its self, he ages ten times slower than an ordinary human, and because of this he has become very distant, afraid to become attached to anyone.

Hyper-Girl- An alternate version of Amazon/Goliath Girl from an alternate reality. The niece of her reality’s Walt Oliver, she helped her uncle battle evil as Hyper-Man and Hyper-Girl until their arch enemy Matt Lannock caused a rift in space to open, transporting the three of them to three different realities.

Theodric The Wise- An ancient wizard who once taught Mage, on his deathbed Theodric was visited by a mystic force, which bestowed upon him the Irian Amulet. Withbthe amulet in his possession, his power increased twenty fold, making him one of the most powerful magical practitioners in history. He is now immortal and capable of second sight.

No teams or anything here, just random heroes with a Justice Guard villain thrown in for good measure. Hope you like them.