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@Jeimuzu said:

I’ve been saying that exact same thing about Noivern ever since I first saw him, he MUST be on my team! I mean an awesome bat-dragon, who wouldn’t want this on their team I’m beyond excited for X and Y, I mean from the graphics to the new type. And now with the new Mega evolutions, I mean… I am freaking out!

I’m not thrilled about the new type, but then I tend to specialise on Dragon types (even got a shiny Haxorus which I was most pleased about), so I’m just hoping Fairy types are weak against water types, ’cause they’re my other speciality. I’m not having my dragons beaten by a fairy (unless it’s Xerneus or Gardevoir) ;)
Having said that, I think their could be a dragon type Eeveelution coming, cause they always release eevees in pairs (one strong against the other, so it could depend on what Fairy is weak against but I want a Drakeon! or some thing like that)