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@AoL- Thanks
@Harlekin- I see what you mean, but it wasn’t an influence. EIther way, glad you like it.

Anyway, I’m having fun with alternate realities, so lets go find another one.


In reality designate Beta- 187, the world diverged from our reality in the year 1780, when Great Britain crushed the American Uprising. For the next hundred years Britain was unchallenged as the worlds major international power, conquering a fifth of the worlds landmass and controlling nearly a third of the trade. However, the unification of Germany and it’s extraordinarily quick industrialisation caused tensions, especially due to the challenge Germany posed to British colonial supremacy in Africa. Eventually these tensions spilled over into war when Germany attempted to annex the mineral wealth of Southern Rhodesia from the British in 1903. This led to a war in both Europe and Africa, with Germany invading France and Belgium in order to prevent the British Army from gaining control of the British Channel and it’s main supply routes, whilst also having to fight Britain’s ally Russia in the east. The British navy proved ineffective at preventing the German navy blockading the island and the war in Africa and France was deadlocked in trench warfare, which lead to the development of Tanks, military aircraft and submarines as early as 1907. Eventually, in 1916, Britain and its allies overcame Germany and at the peace conference Germany was all but eliminated as a state, being divided between the British, Russians and French. However, the war had taken its toll on the Russians, who had only carried on fighting through sheer strength of numbers, and in 1917 the Russian peasantry overthrew their rulers, sparking off a decade of revolutions throughout Europe, in France, Austro-Hungary and Britain. Whilst the British revolution was crushed by the army, in Europe a new communist super state was established under the rule of one of the Russian revolutionary leaders, Leon Trotsky, which combined the former French, Germany and Russian empires and their overseas colonies. To counter this threat, the British establishment took all of its technological advances and captured enemy scientists and prepared its self for another war, a war of idealism. When the war did erupt, with the British Rhineland being overrun by the United European Soviet State, the British army invaded Dunkirk and was soon pushed back by the sheer numbers of the UESS army. However, the British decided to utilise their secret weapon, the Atomic Bomb, and in 1940, they dropped it on the UESS capitol in Berlin.