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Father Pryor has seen the best and the worst of humanity in his many different jobs preaching the word of the lord. He spent time in Rwanda and Ethiopia during the ’80’s, he did community work in New Orleans and ran a rescue mission for those affected by 9/11. His faith never wavered, until his daughter was raped and murdered by a maniac serial killer. Being a kind and compassionate man, he visited the man in the asylum, but what he heard shook his very beliefs to the core. He was bombarded by retellings of the horrors this man had committed, hearing every gruesome detail, including that of his daughter’s death. On the way home, he began to question god and how such evils could exist on a world created by a kind and benevolent creator. And then he saw the light. As the clock flipped over to midnight on the 12th of December 2012, Father Pryor saw god as a great blue light. The light entered him, showed him a vision of three other people, all of whom knew the light, and he felt at peace. Endowed with the ability to see the past and future of any person, item or place, he set out to heal the world and to find the others who knew his saviour.