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Thanks guys.

: Steal away.


Thadeus Hatchett always had the worst luck. As a baby he contracted Meningitis and lost both his legs. As a child he was mocked for both his lack of legs and his unusual name. Then in his twenties he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which he thought he had beaten after 5 years of fighting. However, he later found out it had not been beaten and was now worse than ever. On the 12th of December 2012, Thadeus Hatchett tried to take his own life. He shot himself in the head and the next day he woke up. As he lay dying, a fragment of The Other entered his body and took up residence in the hole the bullet left in his brain. Thadeus saw this as a new start and soon discovered his new ‘friend’ was much more interesting than he first thought. His intelligence boosted by at least 100 I.Q points, he also gained the ability to control the minds of other people using a third eye that opened in his forehead, as well as altering their perceptions. However, the one thing the Other couldn’t do was cure Thadeus’ cancer, so when he found out that there were other fragments of the Other, he and his “nurse” (a victim of his mind control) set out to find the other hosts and remove their fragments, by any means necessary.