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Ok, new series now (couldn’t be bothered finishing my other idea, lost inspiration for it).

On the 12/ 12/ 2012 an event happened. It went unnoticed by the majority of the population of Earth, but it’s repercussions had implications beyond anything anyone could imagine. Known as Event X, it was the moment when a god died.
The cosmic entity known as The Other was sighted by the world’s extraterrestrial experts on course for Earth, what came next surprised all of them. The Other disintegrated in the atmosphere, it’s power dispersing. By the time it crashed in the Australian outback all that was left was its core, a precious stone known as Cordeorum, the heart of gods. Despite the best efforts of the worlds foremost experts, no-one could revive the dead heart, none of the Other’s extraordinary power could be harnessed. Or so they thought…..


Olivia Walters was born crippled, with a tightening of the muscles in her legs that meant she would never be able to walk without using crutches. For the first 19 years of her life, she coped, helping out at her parents flower shop and dreaming of becoming a vet. However, when she woke up on the 13th of December to discover a new found power to create energy constructs, her life was changed forever. Unwittingly and unwillingly becoming the host to one of the fragments of The Other, she is now in a battle for her life against not only world governments looking to harness cosmic power, but other hosts looking to seize and control the infinite power contained within the god heart.