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Name: Peter Reed
Alias: Red Raven
Affiliates: W.I.L.D Strike Force
Powers: (None)
Biography: A talented engineer, Reed was a member of W.I.L.D’s developmental division, working on creating new devises and weaponry to help their operatives keep the peace. It was here that Reed developed his prototype Red Raven flying suit. The harness allowed the wearer to glide for a prolonged period of time, whilst boosters in the boots provided propulsion for powered flight. However, the project was deemed financially unviable, so Reed never developed any others, but the prototype. However, the W.I.L.D director did see the potential in the suit and gave Reed the option to join the new W.I.L.D Strike Force as its technical officer. Reed accepted and began physical training in order to be able to use his suit for prolonged periods of time. The suit has the potential to hit supersonic speeds and pull over 10g when cornering, but Reed refuses to go anywhere near those limits, due to the danger it could pose him.