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Anyway back to the Strike Force.


Name: Marcell Dupriess
Alias: Hunter
Affiliates: W.I.L.D Strike Force
Powers: Super-Senses, Photographic Memory, Ecological Empathy/ Psychometry, Hypnotic Suggestion, Berserker Strength
Biography: An albino French- American mutate, Marcell’s abilities started to show at a young age when he killed an alligator that attacked his younger brother with his bare hands. As his powers further developed he became a valuable asset to his fathers hunting business in the swamps of his Louisiana home, as Marcell was able to sense where the best catches could be made and use his hypnotic powers to keep the targets from escaping whilst his father and brothers slaughtered them. He became disillusioned by his role in the world until he discovered that he could also use his powers on humans. He prevented a robbery using his hypnotic powers and, later, helped the police apprehend a murderer by tapping into the psychic/ ecological resonances of the crime scene. Not long after, he was approached by a W.I.L.D operative and accepted the invitation. He was assigned to help Mr. E on numerous occasions and the two have developed a close camaraderie. His powers, and the fact he has been instructed in combat techniques by many of W.I.L.D’s best tutors (and Mr. E) make him a very difficult opponent to deal with.