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New stuff. Not connected to the FNF, just trying to kick out my creative lull.


In the later half of the 20th century a meteor containing an alien corpse crashed into earth. It was taken into government containment, where the top geneticist in the world tried to unlock the creatures genetic structure. Unfortunately they were unable to isolate a clone worthy sample, but they did recover a large enough sample to splice with human DNA to complete the gene sequence. After many decades of failed experiments, finally a perfect specimen survived. However, the specimen became distressed and in her struggles against the scientists trying to restrain her, she destroyed the laboratory and escaped. Unable to remember anything about her life before her escape from the lab, she is left wondering if she was created in the lab or if she did in fact have a life before. She is now on the run from the government, who wish to use the immense psychic powers that the alien DNA has given her, powers she is struggling to learn to control.