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According to Manokindd folklore, the spirits of murder victims cannot enter the afterlife until their killer is brought to justice and punished. Instead of going to the afterlife, they are sent to the dark forest, a waiting area of sorts. When Maya was murdered by her sister, she found herself in the dark forest. However, the next spirit to arrive informed her that she, nor any other spirit, would be able to escape the dark forest, as her sister had placed the land under a spell preventing them from doing anything but worshiping her. Maya was disgusted by what her sister had done and become and offered to make a deal with Cthiron, the god of life, to allow her back into the world of the living in order to end her sisters insane rule. Cthiron agreed, but instead of sending Maya back in her original form, which would have been useless against her sisters now demonic form, her sent her back as a spirit beast, a dark creature, neither living nor dead, with incredible magical powers. However, what Cthiron didn’t tell Maya is that in order to keep herself in the land of the living, she must feed off the souls of the living, taking a life every day until her quest is complete.