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Thanks man.

Haven’t been particularly inspired recently (apart from doing my stuff for the FNF) but here’s something I’ve just finished.


Once a beautiful and magnificent queen of a ancient and magical kingdom, she became jealous of her sister, whom she ruled alongside, and had her killed in secret. When her subjects became discontent without the popular queen, Alyria cast a powerful spell to make her people love her. Whilst the spell did work, her deeds had a unknown side-effect, Alyria was eroding away her soul. She became obsessed with being adored, beginning to believe that her subjects adoration was not due to the spell. She would kill anyone who didn’t complement her on her beauty, all the while becoming less and less, until she became the demonic being seen today. Her land has now degenerated into a dark wasteland, corrupted by it’s queen’s evil, her people kept alive only to worship her, unable to grow food on the land or drink the now poisonous water.