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So, 1000 posts.
I thought I’d repost my favourite creations, because I like a good list.

10: Mr X RD- This was the first one that I got a tattoo effect that I thought “Yes that’s what I wanted it to look like”. I also like the custom made beard, I just wish I could remember how I did it.

9: The Titan (Sentinal Force Version)- So many different costumes for this guy, but this one is my favourite because of the shading and the gloves made from shoulder items.

8: Leopard Woman- It’s the dress. Simple as that. It just looks good.

7: The Eyes Of Azgul- Shading again, and the face (eye?) area. I had a lot of fun making this one. It’s surprisingly hard to get a convincing copper effect.

6: Queen Eagle RD- I have to thank headlessgeneral for inspiration for this design, as it was his redesign of this character that gave me the majority of the costume. But I added the mask and cape.

5: Negadroid- The feedback I got for this was amazing, so it had to be on the list. I tried to mix a human structure with more insectoid features (hence the pinched mid-section) to give him a more alien look.

4: Shade- This one’s a large one, I was trying to get everything in. The pose and the expression are the best thing here, he’s really not enjoying what’s happening to him.

3: Bia- I ripped off DiCicatriz off something chronic throughout the entire Pride series, and this one is no exception, as most of the design is taken straight from his Maid Marian design from the second FNF and his recent redesign. But I had a riot colouring and shading it. Probably the most layers I’ve ever used and each wing took half and hour to do.

2: Double Trouble- This one took aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. Shading involved moving everything across a million times (no exaggeration). But it’s a good picture, so it was worth it. To be honest any of Pride could have gone in this list, but this is the best.

1: Psychosis RD- I took inspiration from another redesign (this time by Scatman) and just took everything to the Nth degree. Up until recently this was the most shading I’d ever done on one character and I think the effect worked really well.

So those are my favourites of the last 1000 posts, now for the next 1000. Scatman, I’m coming to get you.