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Another new one.

Ariel Blakewood

19 years ago, a young couple were walking home through the park when they heard a cry from a nearby park bench. As they got closer, they realised that there was a baby, left abandoned wrapped in cloth, on the bench. They took the baby and comforted her, raising her as their child and naming Ariel. Even with her unusual birth mark, an angels wing on her right forearm and her heterochromia, Ariel never thought she was different. However, the day she found out she was adopted that all changed. Ariel was unwillingly thrown into a millennia old war by the arrival of the sword The Angels Wrath. When Ariel touched it, her birth mark began to glow and she became the target of forces beyond her comprehension. She was attacked whilst out shopping by a seemingly normal person, who just seemed to change and lunge at her. Fortunately, Ariel was saved by Raziel (Raz), one of her neighbours. Through Raz, Ariel learned of her true heritage. Both Ariel and Raz are Angelborn, a race of half-angelic humans with extra-ordinary powers, who can be told apart from normal humans through their angel wing birth marks and heterochromia. The Angelborn are engaged in a timeless war against another species, the Demonborn, who, like the Angelborn, can be told apart from normal humans by their birth marks and heterochromia. The Angels Wrath is the key to the Angelborn, as The Devils Pride sword is for the Demonborn, and now that Ariel has possession of the sword, she must learn to control its power, as well as her own, in order to stop the world plunging into chaos.