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@JR19759 said:

After Demon Girl first appeared in Lake City numerous supernatural creatures started swarming to the surrounding area, hoping to carry favour with the Demons who wanted this new threat neutralised. And in their wake came the Monster Hunters. Some of the students of Lake City University joined these Hunting fraternities, including Tracy Samuels, a friend of Azaria Thomas, a.k.a Demon Girl. Tracy said that her motivation was to prevent people being hurt by these creatures, but that soon changed. During one hunt she became careless, breaking away from the main group in pursuit of a large male werewolf, a challenge for even a group of experienced wolf hunters. She was bitten and now carries the curse of those she hunts. Luckily, being a wolf hunter, she has all the supplies she needs to control her ‘problem’ but she must be extra careful now, if any of her fellow hunters discover her secret, she will become a target.

Niceeeeee really niceeeee. Great concept. And a personnal now realised to i do remade your character. Sorry i forget it. I really do in the next few days.