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Name: Ped Luc
Rank: Admiral- Cosmos Class
Affiliations: The Costrilian Invasion Fleet
Powers: Enhanced Strength/ Speed & Senses, Flight, Alien Technology (Chameleonic Disguiser, Micromiser)
Profile: A highly respected and decorated leader amongst the proud warrior race that is the Costrilians, Ped Luc has led his peoples forces in many victorious campaigns and conquests. His greatest victories have come in the current war between the galactic empires of the Costrilians and their rivals, the Surilins. However, this war has now reached a deep stalemate, with both peoples looking towards conquering planets that may give them a strategic advantage, rather than fighting an all out war. One of these planets is Earth. Luc was sent to conquer Earth, with a fleet of 200 star destroyers at his disposal. He also had at his side his most trusted officer, his fiancé (or the Costrilian equivalent) Auran Skal, who was sent to Earth as an advanced scout and infiltrator. However, the Surilins moved against this and the plan had to be stepped forward. Then came the worst moment of Lucs career. His fiancé deserted him and the fleet, sabotaging the mission and allowing the humans victory against the mighty Invasion Fleet. Luc was sent back to Costrilia in disgrace, his reputation in tatters and a deep hatred of Auran Skal and humanity engraved on his heart.