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Name: Graham Bolton
Alias: Crusher
Arch-Enemy: Red Kite, Bateleur, The Raptors
Powers: Super-Strength, Semi-Invulnerability
Bio: A mob drug dealer who sold numerous drugs for the mobs profits. His speciality was performance enhancing drugs, he would often sell them to athletes, but he would sometimes help the mob fix athletics events. His training in sports and coaching help him gain the trust of certain athletes and become their coach. He would then spike their water bottles with the performance enhancing drugs in order to help them win money for the mob, who would bet on the enhanced athletes. However, he was found out when some of the athletes started to show side-effects from the drugs and two of these athletes, Kate Quinn and Dakarai Tshuma, tracked him down to attempt to bring him to justice. Scared, he took his remaining stash of drugs in an attempt to avoid being caught with them. He was imprisoned for drug-dealing, but whilst in prison he began to show the side-effects of the drug, growing in size and strength massively. He was able to break out of prison, and joined up with Mindmasters team to get revenge on the two heroes who captured him.