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Name: Clint Quade
Alias: Major League
Arch-Enemy: Blue Jay, The Raptors
Powers: Perfect Aim, Enhanced Strength, Super Reflexes
Bio: An aspiring Baseball player from Montreal, Canada. However, he was dropped from the team after a string of bad performances. Desperate to get back on the team, he got hold of some of the experimental performance enhancing drug that gave Red Kite and Bateleur their abilities. He found that his aim was improved to near perfection, as were his reflexes. He managed to get back on the team, but, as with the two heroes, he was found out. Disgraced and angry, he discovered Blue Jays exploits and decided to gain fame and fortune by becoming a superhero. However, his exploits were pretty much ignored. Bitter, he decided to remove his main competition. He had many battles against Blue Jay and was eventually approached by Mindmaster, who invited him to join his Raptor-Hunter team. Even with his dislike of Blue Jay, he is not sure whether he is comfortable with his alliance with the Raptor-Hunters.