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Name: Buddy Barrett
Alias: Owl
Affiliations: The Raptors
Powers: High Intelligence, Innate Capability
Bio: One of a pair of twins who were celebrated as child geniuses, Buddy and his brother Harry both had the ability to understand anything having only seen it or heard it discussed once. Whilst Buddy integrated into society, making many friends and being given the nickname ‘Owl’ because of his cleverness, Harry became quite withdrawn and saw himself as better than others. Harry was bullied frequently and eventually cracked. He declared war on the rest of the human race and became the Supervillain- Mindmaster. When Buddy discovered his brothers plan, he decided to prevent his brother from carrying out his plan, becoming the superhero- Owl. His battles against his brother soon caught the attention of Red Kite, who invited Buddy to join her Raptors team.