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Name: Dakarai Tshuma
Alias: Bateleur
Affiliations: The Raptors
Powers: Enhanced Strength, Acrobatic Skill, High Resistance To Injury
Bio: The son of Zimbabwean immigrants, Dakarai was always a hard-working child, doing anything he could to help his family. He was a brilliant student at school, participating in numerous sports (football/ soccer, gymnastics and athletics) and had aspirations to becoming a doctor. However, his father was killed in a hit and run incident just before his 15th birthday. Dakarai’s personality changed, he became more violent and disobedient, getting into fights at school and letting his grades slip. Eventually he dropped out of school and began participating in an underground fighting ring. He rose up the ranks quickly, but he wanted more. He took an experimental drug from a trainer, which enhanced his strength, injury resistance and his natural acrobatic ability. His fights became big draws, until he was kicked out for the drugs. He went after the trainer, only to discover the trainer had numerous gang links, and his actions were beginning to put his family in danger. He teamed up with Kate Quinn and took down the trainer. This episode made Dakarai realise how his actions had been affecting his mother, and he pledged to change his ways.When Quinn formed The Raptors, Dakarai donned a costume based on the national bird of Zimbabwe, The Bateleur, and dedicated himself to helping others, instead of using them as an outlet for his rage.