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New team now.


Name: Kate Quinn
Alias: Red Kite
Affiliations: The Raptors
Powers: Super-Reflexes, Super-Senses, Super-Agility, Super-Endurance, Retractable Talons On Hands and Feet
Bio: An aspiring track star, Kate Quinn’s sporting career was ruined when she failed a drugs test. She later found out that her trainer had been spiking her drinks with an experimental performance enhancing drug. However, when she confronted him, she discovered the drugs side-effects. When she became stressed and angry, her finger and toe nails grew into raptor talons, freaking her out and making her run away. She later discovered the drugs other side-effects, her reflexes, senses and endurance had been boosted to super-human levels. She used her abilities to expose her ex-trainer’s illegal activities, restoring her reputation. However, she turned her back on the world of athletics, instead helping to form the bird-themed superhero team, The Raptors, inspired by the exploits of Justice Guard members Gold Hawk and Queen Eagle.