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Name: Unknown
Alias: The Traveller
Powers: Immortal, Intangibility, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Time Travel, Time Control
Profile: When travelling the time lines, The Traveller was forced to sacrifice himself to prevent the Destroyers return, an event that would cause the destruction of time its self. Trapping the Destroyers past self, the Titan, in a time field, he destroyed the only thing that could unlock the time field, his Time Turner, causing its effects on him to immediately end, ageing him exponentially, reducing his body to dust. However, one of the omniscient Elder took pity on this lonely hermit, binding his essence with that of the Time Turner and refashioning him into one of the time guardians, three immortal spirits that guard the laws of causality on Earth. The Traveller is now almost god-like in power, far greater than his fellow guardians, with the ability to travel in time, thanks to the Time Turner that is now part of his very being.