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Name: The Destroyer
Powers: Currently Unknown
Profile: Some ten years into the future, an unknown event causes the world to rupture, cracks in time and space start to appear as a result of this cataclysm. Its effects are felt at all points in time, threatening to drag the universe into a singularity. To prevent this from happening, an unprecedented alliance is formed between all species in the universe, human, Surilin, Costrilain, Azgul e.t.c. This task force travel through one of the cracks to Metro City, ten years into the future. There they meet the few surviving humans, who tell them that the cataclysm was caused by a being known only as The Destroyer, who suddenly appeared causing the fabric of time to crumble. Earth’s heroes tried to stop it, but they were reduced to atoms by even approaching it. It now lives at the top of the ruined Tower of Titans. The team send Gabriel and Ace to investigate the tower, but Ace can’t get near it, her power to heal starts to be overridden, so Gabriel sends her back. Gabriel manages to penetrate the energy field and discovers the disturbing truth, The Destroyer is none other than The Titan.