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Name: Auran Skal
Alias: Sky Maiden, Amy Skye
Affiliations: The Costrilian Invasion Fleet (Deserted), The New Protectors (Previsionary Member)
Powers: Enhanced Strength/ Speed & Senses, Flight, Alien Technology (Chameleonic Disguiser, Micromiser)
Profile: A commander in an alien invasion fleet that came to Earth to conquer, Auran Skal was part of the advanced scouting party, the first to set foot on the planet. Spending a number of years undercover in human society and as an informant within the superhuman society as Sky Maiden, Auran became fond of humanity and even fell in love with Protectors member Prodigy. However, the Costrilian high command moved up their plans, after a counter attack by their mortal enemies, the Surilins. Admiral Ped Luc ordered Auran to wipe out Earths superheroes and retreat from the planet to prepare for the invasion. However, Auran refused and aided the humans in repelling the invasion. Now stuck on Earth, unable to leave the planet in fear of death by either her own people or the Surilins, Auran has now made a new life on Earth, keeping her heroic identity as Sky Maiden.