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It wouldn’t have worked so well if I didn’t have so many great redesigns to work from. But thanks for the complements.

Final solo shot of the series now.

Name: Frank Walters
Alias: Flying Ace
Affiliations: Team Supreme (Original Version, Defunct)
Powers: Immortality, Super-Healing, Super-Strength
Profile: A British pilot, shot down over Nazi Germany during the Second World War, he was captured and taken to the laboratory of Wolfgang Von Litz, better known as Doctor Dome. Litz was trying to create an army of super soldiers for the Reich, which was losing the war, but he did not expect Walters to survive the process. To his surprise however, Walters did survive, and was given a set of powers perfect for what the Reich was looking for, immortality, super-healing and super-strength. However, Walters made a break for freedom as soon as the experiment finished, smashing Litz’s face into the equipment, scaring him for life. Walters escaped back to Britain and was soon recruited by the original American as a member of the original Team Supreme, to fight Nazi super-soldiers across Europe after the D-Day landings. When the allies won the war, Team Supreme stayed together, fighting crime in this brave new world. However, time and their enemies started to take the team, until only Walters remained, immortal, watching everyone he had ever known wither and die. His only comfort was his daughter, but she was kidnapped by his old enemy, Litz. He assembled a new Team Supreme, made up of a new generation of heroes, to rescue her. He battled his old enemy and rescued his daughter, who he discovered had the same powers as himself. He now watches over the new team, helping them when needed, funding their exploits.


(Team shot to come soon).