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Justice Guard Villains

Upload: A mutate with the ability to “download” peoples abilities and memories by touch. Bought up in the worst gangland area in the south of Metro City, he originally used his powers to steal to feed his family. However, his activities attracted the attention of Dynamo. When Dynamo finally caught up with Upload in a car factory, the ensuing fight ended with Upload losing his right arm in part of the mechanism. Now, instead of stealing to help his family, he hunts Dynamo, hungry for revenge.

Eagle Man: An avian scientist, studying raptors, but his funding was cut. He created a flight suit to allow him to steal to fund his further research. He often faces of with Gold Hawk and Queen Eagle.

Nightstalker: The archenemy to the hero The Watchman, who has the mutate ability to manipulate darkness and shadows. He has often proved elusive because of this ability.