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Name: Frank Peters
Alias: The Evil Intelligence
Nemeses: Team Supreme
Powers: Super-Intelligence, Omni-Linguism, Innate Capability
Profile: The second man to be dubbed The Evil Intelligence, Frank Peters was once a petty crook, until on night he stubbled upon the laboratory of the first Evil Intelligence, Walter Madison. Madison was weakened, worn down by years of fighting against the first Team Supreme, so Peters ransacked the lab, stealing the alien fragment that gave Madison his intelligence, and killing Madison when he tried to resist. The fragment began to have its effect on Peters after a few minutes, mutating him like his predecessor, but in a more severe way. His intelligence now surpasses anyone on this earth, but so does his insanity. He sees time, matter and space in a different way to any other being, his thought processes are on a different level to even the greatest scientists. He creates hugely elaborate plans, with back up plans and back up-back up plans, but his plans are often undone by the fact he overestimates his opponents, expecting them to do what he would.