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Ok, 500th post and a new team, The Angels. Starting with the team leader.

Name: Violet Sonique
Alias: V-Sonic
Age: 19
Affiliations: The Angels (Team Leader)
Powers: Sonic Scream, Sound Wave Manipulation
Info: Smart, brave and reliable, Violet is the leader and cornerstone of The Angels, an all-female super team. Born with her powers, like her team-mates, she tried to live a normal life, going to university, dreaming of becoming a fitness coach. However, she was unwillingly thrust into the world of super heroics when the Negadroid attacked her university, wrongly thinking that Star-Girl (of the Justice Guard) was a student there. Violet teamed up with two other powered girls from the campus, Tamsin North (Aura) and Isabelle Rhainer (Dream Weaver), to take down the cyborg, thus forming the first incarnation of The Angels.