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@The Atomic Punk said:

Thanks for the nod! I’m going to “borrow” some cardstock from work so I can print the deck.

If you’re still taking suggestions, I nominate Zyp and PapaKrok. Though not active, Zyp has made perhaps one of the biggest contributions to HeroMachine with his shading and highlighting techniques. And PapaKrok is still out there. He had a recent bout but he’s not down for count!

That’d be cool.
Are Zyp and Papakrok on this forum, because if they aren’t it’d be a bit hard to do some of the categories (forum posts especially). If the UGO forums were still open it might not be so much of a problem, but as they aren’t it makes it a bit harder. I would have liked to include people like SeanDavidRoss in the set, some of the old-school machiners, but many people have disappeared since the UGO forums went.
Who would you suggest I take off the list to accommodate them if they are on the forums?