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@Suleman said:

Hah. That Trump Cards idea seems interesting. I’d like to see what you have in mind for them.

Currently I’m thinking of doing cards for 30 of the top creators (the correct number for a top trumps pack), not finalised the list yet, but you can probably guess most of the current list. I need a bit of help on the categories though. I’m thinking that they should be things like Originality (so use of items in unusual and original ways), Style (how identifiable their style is, if you can tell its their work without being told beforehand), Design (how well thought out their designs are, not really sure about this one so it may need changing), Contest Wins- Blog & Contest Wins- Forum (the number of times they have won a contest on the main blog and on the forum (separate categories), I’d need to ask around on the first one because I don’t think the earliest contests are still on the blog) and Forum Posts (self-explanatory). The first 3 would be out of 10, the rest are just whatever number is thrown up by my ‘research’.

If anyone else wants to get involved, suggesting creators to do/ category changes, making the cards/ coming up with the scores (if you are going to do this, don’t do one for yourself); it would be most welcome.

The current list of creators I’d be making cards for are
1) Hammerknight
2) Kaldath
3) dblade
4) Vampyrist
5) Kaylinn88100
6) Scatman
7) Myro
8) FRM
9) djuby
10) Harlequin
11) AMS
12) headlessgeneral
13) NHA247
14) MisterDinoMan
15) Livewyre1014
16) Blue Blazer
17) Atomic Punk
18) Moognation
19) DiCicatriz

Obviously not the full list yet, so suggestions are welcome.