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Name: Maria McCoy
Alias: Blue Jay
Affiliations: The Raptors
Powers: Self-Made Gliding Suit, High Fighting Skills
Bio: Born in Toronto, Canada, Maria was always a very inventive person. Her father was a janitor at the Toronto Blue Jays baseball stadium, and Maria would often help him fix things that went wrong around the stadium. In her teens she began to get into extreme sports, seeking bigger and bigger thrills. By her early twenties she began putting her creative skills to use creating herself a special suit, which allows her to glide between buildings and catch air currents. One day, whilst out gliding, she saw a woman being mugged and swooped in to help. This event triggered something in her mind, telling her that she had found the ultimate thrill. She redesigned her suit to mimic her fathers beloved baseball team and began fighting crime in her home city. When Red Kite approached her to join her team of bird themed heroes, Maria leaped at the chance, training herself in numerous forms of combat so she would be of even greater use in the world of crime fighting.